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Using Brain Science to Ignite:

The Neuroscience of Instructional Success in Literacy

An introduction

The field of neuroscience has provided valuable information to educators regarding what it takes to be successful in teaching and learning.   Partner with us and explore how the brain’s plasticity allows it to use structures and circuits originally designated for other purposes.  Build the capacity to read and develop the skills needed to foster 21st Century thinkers.   As well as, learn how to present neurologically correct lessons to successfully teach the Common Core Foundational Skills.   With this presentation design, summer regression will be cut in half and students will be capable of reaching or exceeding their grade-level benchmark.  NEU advocates for Educational Equality for ALL students, a literate tomorrow with ALL students having the capacity to achieve their highest potential.


“As a principal and former classroom teacher of 17 years, I am humbled to discover the lack of knowledge I had when it came to the teaching of reading. Through staff development under the guidance of Trish Martin, I along with my staff have discovered the power behind NEU Reading: Rewiring the Brain to Accelerate Learning. When I can walk into a Kindergarten room and ask a student what two sounds does the letter ‘c’ make, and to have that student explain in detail when it makes the ‘s’ sound and when it makes the ‘k’ sound is the tip of this program. Students are reading in early elementary. In fourth grade students can tell you the origin of the word or parts of the word, be it French, Greek, Latin, or Anglo Saxon. The proof lies in the results of this program. This is not an educational swing, this is a home run for our teachers and our students. NEU: Neuroplasticity & Education United has broken the barriers that teachers have struggled with for years and given us the tools to reach ALL students.” 

-David Kelly [Principal New Buffalo Area Schools]