Literacy Brain Connection

NEU Coaching

NEU offers a variety of services for school districts participating in our Professional Development series.

Coaching Days

NEU will go into the classrooms and support the teacher with pacing and presentation.  The number of days for coaching is determined by how many teachers there are and the amount of time needed to successfully support each.  Typically, these are scheduled for 30-60 minutes per teacher.


Progress Monitoring Days & Data Days

NEU will provide materials needed to progress monitor students on what the teacher has taught.  These are short formative assessments ranging from one to three minutes per student based on the content covered. Teachers generally have a difficult time sifting through how and when to implement differentiated instruction.  Through quick progress monitoring, differentiated instruction can be established easily once the teacher identifies what content has been mastered by each student.  If the goal is to have ALL students successful, efficient progress monitoring is required otherwise students fall through the cracks as the teacher moves on.

Data Days, are generally scheduled the day following progress monitoring days, NEU will create and maintain a database (if desired) to correspond specifically with individual districts.  Teachers need the results of these assessments to know how to change their instructional lessons for the upcoming weeks.  It is the little movements or lack thereof, that will make a district successful.