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Common Core & NEU

“The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them.”

Common Core State Standards


“At the time I did not realize that I would also be providing my staff with detailed instruction on how to explicitly teach the Reading Language Arts and Foundation Skills of the Common Core State Standards.  My teachers look at the CCSS skills and say, “No problem, we know exactly how to do this.”  

– Mark Westerburg [Superintendent of Schools, New Buffalo Area Schools, Michigan]

NEU FUTURE – Teachers need not worry about how they can transition their lesson plans to comply, we’ve done the work for them.

These easy to teach, easy to learn lesson plans clearly indicate which Common Core State Standard is being taught. Students will master the skills that the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and Council of Chief State School Officers believe are necessary for academic success.

Many curriculums are adaptable to the Common Core State Standards, but NEU actually provides lesson plans to teach the Common Core State Standards.  Utilizing revolutionary, scientific brain strategies of neuroplasticity, Neuroplasticity & Education United trains students for accelerated learning, no matter what level they begin at.   Students will increase their confidence leading to better grades, greater academic success and enhanced professional options.  

Not only has the CCSS changed the face of Education today, but so has revolutionary scientific research.  Neuroplasticity & Education United has taken the proven strategies of neuroplasticity and applied them to breaking the code of the English language.


Teacher’s and Professionals Talk about NEU and CCSS

“I don’t know how teachers without Rewiring training are going to teach the Common Core State Standards, but … with Rewiring I don’t have to worry about it.”  

– Amy Wilson [2nd Grade Teacher]

“When we first started Rewiring, I was hooked. Here’s finally what I’ve been missing! I finally feel like I have the tools …to do my job extremely well.” 

– Lindsay Hiler  [1st grade teacher]

“Changes in the core curriculum, student achievement expectations and students mastery of skill and content have left many educators confused and discouraged. NEU Reading: Rewiring the Brain to Accelerate Learning explicitly instructs teachers how to teach students what is expected of them and how to help students reach the highest levels of achievement.” 

-Paul Liabenow [MEMSPA Executive Director]  


The state of Education in America has always been a priority to people, especially for Educators and parents.   A child’s future opportunities can be directly related to their skills in literacy and math. .  These abilities are not just determined by their genetics, but also by the household they grow up in and the education provided to them.  Because the educational piece can have a significant impact on student success, good teachers are an important requirement.   Even though our nation provides free education for all children, 64% of all 12 graders read below proficient levels.  This is not acceptable.

According to the New York Times “In 2010, 38 percent of the nation’s schools failed to meet their benchmarks for annual progress toward the 2014 goal, and Mr. (Arnie) Duncan has warned that the figure could soar to 80 percent.”   Our nation is in crisis.  Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan realizes this.  He said, “Reform is vital–and in several key areas, America is slipping.”

Most states have recognized this problem, and therefore, have adopted the Common Core State Standard Initiative of 2010.  The CCSS layout for teachers what their students need to not only be taught, but master in their specific grade level.  Mastery of these skills will ensure that they have a bright future ahead of them. 

NEU sees one problem with the CCSS.  While it is wonderful that CCSS has laid out the skills needed, they do not help the teacher know how to teach the material.  In NEU’s pretesting of teachers, literacy coaches, and principals, approximately 95% tested are unable to identify simple word building blocks like the six syllable types of the English language, much less explain how they would teach them. The 2012 Brown Center Report on American Education: How well are American Students Learning indicates that their research implies that the CCSS will have little to no effect on improving education.  NEU recognizes that this is a possibility if we do not train teachers and parents how to teach the foundations of reading.