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NEU Training For Teachers

Everything you need to empower your students to succeed!

Teachers Love NEU

“The greatest part of the program is that it reaches everybody. The lowest, lowest kids that we used to struggle with all year trying to help them learn their letters and sounds, passing them off to1st grade, possibly asking for special services, and worrying about them beyond that, is not even in the spectrum anymore. Everyone can learn with this program.” – Barb S.  [Kindergarten teacher Teachers & Title 1 Staff will have quality instructional minutes using the NEU tested methods.]

“Teaching students to be good readers requires persistence, dedication, and, above all else, knowledge. My students’ reading scores increased (and continue to do so) because I became equipped with a deep knowledge of the language and its construction, and an understanding of how the brain develops and processes information.” – Lisa Wilson  [5th-grade teacher]

 “Before Rewiring training, I just hoped that I was doing the right thing. After teaching Rewiring, I was floored at what my students could do.” – Lindsay Hiler  [1st-grade teacher]

For Teachers

Teachers are in the profession of building brains.  YOU have the ability and power to impact each child’s BRAIN for greater learning capacities than ever before.  NEU: Rewiring embraces the belief in educational equity—where each child is provided the minutes needed to reach the end of the year outcome goals.  It’s about educational equality for all students.  Each and every child should be afforded the instructional design to reach the end of the year benchmarks, not just the students where learning comes easily.

    Neuroplasticity & Education United

    provides teachers with:   

    • Turn-key curriculum manuals
    • Lesson Plan Calendars:  appropriate instructional pacing presented on grade level calendars, as well as mapping out the Common Core State Standard skills being taught.
    • Formative assessments: quick one to three-minute assessments on only content explicitly taught.  Provides immediate feedback to teachers on student strengths and weaknesses. These results are used to determine each child’s required minutes to successfully achieve ‘educational equality’ allowing EVERY child to reach the end of the year expected outcomes.