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From the struggling student to the gifted reader, this award-winning, revolutionary approach will awaken a student’s unlimited potential, surpassing even their highest expectations.

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NEU will be offering professional development videos and resources on our website in the near future!  Here you will be able to access high-quality content such as:
  • Videos (educational training materials)
  • Supplemental downloads/exercises for classroom work
  • At-home remediation materials for parents and teachers alike.
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Since August 2004, NEU: Neuroplasticity & Education United has empowered teachers to consistently improved their reading & literacy scores while cutting special education. NEU is changing the face of education and greatly improving your child’s reading skills. Based on breakthroughs in the field of neuroplasticity, scientific research has given the world new tools for effective instruction of literacy. NEU has applied this research to develop cutting-edge, revolutionary methods.

As a result of literacy improvements within participating districts, Trish Martin has been the honored recipient of:

  • Michigan Excellence Award (MASB)
  • Michigan’s Best Award for
  • Professional Development of Teachers (MASB)
  • Winner’s Circle Award (MASA)